7 Health Tips for Millennials on the Move

The health of Millennials has to be a one of the most popular topics discussed publicly. And truly, experts rarely miss the chance to point out how young Australians are more susceptible to various health issues and far less capable of dealing with stress than the previous generations. Maybe we are truly slaves to our bad habits and hectic lifestyle. Or maybe we just inherited a world in which we have to work longer and spend countless hours in front of PC to make a living.

Here are a few of ways to deal with the health risks of such lifestyle.

Cheer Up

Being constantly on the move can truly be nerve-wracking, and the quarter life crisis is not making preserving our mental health any easier. Unless you want to cause high blood pressure, depression, and all sorts of other stress-related medical conditions, you have to play things down, and find some time to relax.

Sleep More

 Cutting the sleep hours is one of the worst things you can do for your well being. Lack of sleep opens up the doors to a lot of physical (hypertension, obesity, stress, etc.) and mental issues (irritability, inability to concentrate, etc.). So, sorry, you’ll just have to learn to find a better way to keep up with obligations. Your body desperately needs 6-8 hours of sleep.

Get a Massage

Good massage is a solution to pretty much any kind of job-related health problem. Anxiety, stress, headache, back pain – you name it. It’s really no wonder a lot of start-ups are using the benefits of mobile massage in Sydney, Melbourne and other stressful metropolitan areas more and more as the time goes by. The idea of someone coming to your work and giving you a professional massage sounds really good – use it.

Junk the Junk Food

Healthy nutrition is the foundation of a healthy life. Unfortunately, very few of us have time to spend hours in the kitchen balancing the healthy eating plate; so, we rely heavily on snacks to keep us going throughout the day. The best thing you can do in this situation is to leave your Burger Rings and Tim Tams home and replace them with any kind of fruit, nuts, veggies, low-sugar oatmeal and yoghurt.


Start Doing Yoga

Our bodies adapt to the ways in which we use them. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if we weren’t spending a good portion of our conscious hours hunched over the keyboard. Even if you are not too interested in the spiritual aspects of yoga, you have to admit that this ancient discipline is a great way to improve your posture and remind your body it can pull off a pretty impressive range of motions.

Work Out Smart

Finding enough time to go to the gym is very often a Herculean task. That doesn’t mean that you should simply give up on your body altogether. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a great way to stay fit and spending no more than 15-25 minutes a day. Just give yourself a couple of rounds of 7-Minute Workouts each day, and you’ll see – your muscles will burn like hell and your heart will start beating like thunder.


Send Doctor Google to Retirement

The success rate of various online symptom checkers is only 34%, which is, actually, quite horrifying. Once you pass the age of 30, your body will become more susceptible to a whole slew of potential medical issues. You don’t want to give yourself a 66% chance of not being diagnosed and treated properly. Paying a visit to a good old doctor may be far less pleasant, but believe us – it’s the only way to go.

As you see, taking care of your health is not as impossible as it seems. In fact, it is much easier than treating some serious health issues that happen as a result of neglecting your well being.

This is a guest post written by Peter Minkoff. Peter is a writer for HighStyleLife magazine from the UK and Australia. Besides writing, he’s a total organic living devotee. You can follow Peter on Twitter for more healthy living tips!
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